Zero Defects Level 2


This package will go even further than the Level 1 by doubling the steps necessary to achieve a flawless “Zero Defects” finish. We will take every step necessary to remove every possible defect on your vehicle.

Small compact $750-1000, Midsize SUV/Trucks/Sedan $1000-1250, Full size SUV/Van $1250-1500

-Exterior wash/detail using the foam cannon method to remove loose debris using CarPro reset intensive car shampoo.
-Wheels & barrels, wheel wells, tires & door jams are cleaned, degreased, IronXed and pressure washed.
-The exterior is given the clay bar or nanoskin treatment to get rid of any above surface contaminates without producing further defects.
-Then IronX is applied to the paint & wheels to remove contaminets below the paints surface.
-Using a combination of Flex polishers & Rupes polishers SEMD will remove fine scratches, defects, RIDS (random isolated defects) acid rain & swirls using up to 3-4 steps correcting the paints defects.
-Tires treated with long lasting black Pearl tire coating.
-The freshly corrected paint is then treated with Ceramic Pro sport SiO2 application to protect your paint for up to 6 months. -We do recommend adding one of our Ceramic Pro Nano coating packages to fully insure your freshly polished paint will stay that way for years to come.