Exterior Detail

The exterior detail focuses on preserving the exterior of your vehicle by adding paint protection in the form of wax, a sealant, silica spray, or a coating. These are all great options and have a price point to meet every ones needs. Your vehicle will be fully washed & decontaminated before the LSP (last stage protectant) is applied.

Small compact $75, Midsize SUV/Trucks/Sedan $100, Full size SUV/Van $125

-Exterior wash/detail using CarPro Reset intensive car shampoo.
-Wheels, wheel wells, tires & door jams are cleaned, degreased, and pressure washed.
– Tires dressed with Meguiar’s all season dressing
-Exterior is decomtaminated with either clay or nanoskin mitt
-Exterior is then coated with a silica spray sealant that provides a super slick hydrophobic layer which repels water like no other for 3 months

We Recommend & apply CarPro’s Silica spray sealant at no additional charge. It provides up to 3 months of protection & provides extreme water beading. If you would like for us to apply something different such as a traditional wax, paint sealant, or coating please ask. There will be an additional charge.